Note from JaeLea Cosmetics

Jaelea Mirabal

I am truly blessed to have had you stumble across my website. I also hope,I will see you again. JaeLea Cosmetics  is a one women company growing a beautiful cosmetic family.  we are all connected and a huge part of this company together, every single beauty. ....Hi my name is Jaelea (J-lee) nice to meet you! And before I say anything else I have to say thank you. Without you all this is not possible! You are the fuel that is going to make this company great! And I will be the women who helps you feel beautiful everyday. All the items I have are in stock no drop shopper which mean faster shipping 2-4 day ship outs are every Tuesday and Friday!  this is a company you can trust no short cuts no excuses! Don’t like something send it back and I will be happy to refund! Damaged item email me a picture @ and I will send you a new item right away. so never hesitate to let me know. Before I let you get back to shopping for such beautiful cosmetics I would just like to tell you that you are beautiful/ handsome man or women. You are special in so many ways. There is no one in this world who knows you better then you! Never stop smiling and don’t forget to look in the mirror and just be happy to be you no matter who that is 

your friend

JaeLea Cosmetics