JaeLea Cosmetics 2nd edition newspaper colorful inside palette

yes we are growing !!!

JaeLea Cosmetics is now on to this second edition palette build from the ground up! I have personally desighned the cover to match all the fun and exciting news you would find in the daily news paper! I wanted a colorful eyeshadow palette with some kind of black and white cover so when you open it your hit hard with a colorful feeling! I wanted this palette to be very aesthetically pleasing so I feel I really brought that out with the design choice! Every single color has been place in the best spot that I felt right with...each color was heavily debated on ...I questioned how many mattes? How many shimmers ? I decided to not place glitters because the JaeLea Cosmetics line already offers so much glitter with other items as it is... each shadow has its very own name ! Me personally when it came to the names of the pigments I just went with how each one made me feel! This actually brought out the meditation side of my personality  without me realizing it ..hahah super crazy ! Well honestly...I hope you love this item and there is so much more to come thank you for loving  me and my company !! Have a wonderful day ! Love JaeLea Cosmetics