Water proof black eyeliner

Waterproof felt tip black eyeliner

JaeLea Cosmetics

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Waterproof felt tip black eyeliner

That little black dress is calling ! Don’t ever mess up another eyeliner look again with this beautiful Dimond edge black eyeliner !

I wanted to bring a very elegant eyeliner to the line and decided that this was the prettiest design I could find I wanted to have a smaller felt tip to make doing wings easier and I really think we did just that with the design

The liner is waterproof and  as black as that little black dress in your closet !


will there be more eyeliners in the line ?

that answer is yes !!

but I am so proud to have this beautiful sleek piece added first to our line and I truly hope you love it as much as I do 💋🖤💋🖤💋🖤💋🖤